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Balance Beams

With a great variety of options, our selection of Beams offers options ideal for both personal and educational use. Find a fun range of beams, including musical balance boards, tactile paths, air cushions, curved walking boards, and more.


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  • Airex Balance Pad Mini

    Item # 43058

    Price $54.00

    The Airex Balance Pad will help improve your physical education program and help your participants...

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  • Airex Balance Pad XLarge - Blue

    Item # 43059

    Price $151.00

    The AIREX Balance Pad XLarge is twice as large as the Balance Pad Plus, permitting balance training...

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  • Tactile Curve Path

    Item # 42736

    Price $216.00

    Watch children gain confidence as they maneuver the twists and turns of the tactile curved...

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  • Tactile Straight Path

    Item # 42735

    Price $186.00

    Build a strong foundation in balance skills with this tactile straight path. The textured surface...

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  • Wavy Tactile Path

    Item # 42738 BLU

    Price $395.00

    This non-directional path can be arranged into curvy or linear routes to provide children with...

  • Giant Ruler

    Item # 18341

    Price $24.75

    See if you measure up! Use this huge 12 1/2'L x 1'W ruler on the floor or wall to test reaching...

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  • Step by Step Number Line

    Item # 41444

    Price $47.50

    Hop, skip, or jump down the number line! Great for counting practice and number recognition. The...

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  • Slackline Stand

    Item # 18261

    Price $349.00

    For use with Item W17874 and W17875 Slacklines. The perfect solution when there are no anchors, this...

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  • Activity Walking Trail

    Item # 15652

    Price $126.00

    star-1 star-2 star-3 star-4 star-5

    Fun AND challenging! Set includes twelve 35"L blue walking boards and four 13" dia. red circular...

    ActivityGuide Video

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  • River Path Set

    Item # 39485

    Price $255.00

    Just go with this flow and you’ll find your balance! With the steady stream of paths, bridges,...


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  • Bridges

    Item # 39484

    Price $46.75

    For use with the River Path Set (W39485). Made from durable plastic with anti-slip rubber edges....

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  • Islands

    Item # 39483

    Price $88.75

    For use with the River Path Set (W39485). Made from durable plastic with anti-slip rubber edges....

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