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Call us at 800.793.7900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Special Needs Feeding

Adaptive Feeding products are design to facilitate an easier and more enjoyable dining experience while also helping to foster independence. Table aids like universal handles, angled silverware, easily graspable cutlery, weighted utensils, and more are specifically designed to address a range of special needs. You'll also find a great selection of plates and bowls - from non-skid designs to brightly colored options - bibs, and more.


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  • Easi Grip Grater

    Item # 40319C
    WAS $11.95

    NOW $2.75

    YOU SAVE 77%

    Ultra lightweight, non-slip, and has an ergonomic handle for improved grip and hand control. Made of...

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  • Scooper Plate

    Item # 9122

    Price $8.10

    With a big, curved inner edge, this scooper plate prevents spills and overflows, while the high...

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  • HALO™ Cup

    Item # 41165

    Price $8.50

    Help reduce accidental spills. This cup’s unique handle helps you hold it easily while its...

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  • Food Bumper

    Item # 9107

    Price $9.00

    Useful eating aid keeps things neat. For plates 9"-11". Frosted color.

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  • Clip-on Drink Holder

    Item # 42786

    Price $9.00

    Plastic holder for glasses, bottles, cans, mugs and cups is slotted on two sides to accommodate...

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  • Covered Spoon Bag set of 2

    Item # 42850

    Price $9.65

    Covered spoon keeps food on the utensil and limits the amount of spillage. The lid covers about 2/3...

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  • Nosey Cup

    Item # 6563

    Price $10.00

    Special cutout for the nose allows you to drink without tipping your head back. Ideal for those with...

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  • Utensil Cuff

    Item # 9668

    Price $10.00

    Soft, easy-to-clean nylon holder adjusts with VELCRO brand touch fasteners to fit any hand.

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  • Pediatric Utensil Holder

    Item # 36017

    Price $10.25

    Just the right size for little hands that have difficulty grasping standard utensils! Holding...

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  • Non-Skid Scooper Plate

    Item # 36067

    Price $10.25

    Contoured plate/bowl features a contoured lip that can be used to push food onto cutlery. A good...

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  • Soft Nosey Cup

    Item # 36702

    Price $10.25

    Ideal for those with oral-motor limitations, limited ROM in neck, or arthritis. Also a good choice...

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  • Foam Rubber Adapter Handle

    Item # 9166

    Price $10.25

    Slip handle on spoons, cutlery, and toothbrushes for a larger, more comfortable grip. A 1 3/8"-dia....

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