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Magic Cloud


Magic Cloud

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Multi-purpose, with educational, therapeutic and play value. Attach a tag to an object of your choice, then place the object onto the cloud to activate an image, sound (e.g. music, rhymes, spoken words) or video footage on your PC. Brings inanimate objects to life and encourages memory, concentration, object-recognition and association, attention, focus and orientation to task, understanding of cause and effect, learning through play, hand-eye co-ordination, repetition, matching and motor skills. Client-cantered, it can be personalized to give meaning to activities. Can be used to grade activities up/down by varying the texture or temperature of objects “tagged” and used on the cloud to support therapeutic sensory sensitivity work or physically (e.g. altering the weight, size, shape) to encourage different grips, grip strengthening, improve muscle strength and so on. Has great reminiscence value if ‘tagged’ items are tailored to user’s past history. Simple to use yet very engaging for a huge range of ages and abilities. A library of media is included and you can easily add your own files. Includes cloud, software CD and 30 ‘tags’ which can be easily attached to your cards, photos and everyday objects. Size: 12 1/2” x 10 1/2” x 1 1/2”D.


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