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XAVIX® Music & Circuit


XAVIX® Music & Circuit

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XaviX Music & Circuit allows you to connect a portable music player, CD/MD player, or compact audio system to the "XaviXPORT" for a workout that moves to your music. By moving to the rhythm of your favorite music, players burn calories and increase their basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Music Exercises: The "Music Import System™" allows you to exercise with the beat of your favorite music. With Music Step you step on the XaviX Step Sensor (J-Mat) to your favorite music. With Music Run you navigate, slide under, and jump over obstacles that appear with the movement of the music that is playing. It’s an ideal way to run in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Circuit Exercises: By alternating aerobic exercise and muscle training with more intensive exercises, you can improve your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and build a body that can more easily burn body fat. With Circuit Step choose from 10 courses to circuit train. With Action Run choose from seven courses with various obstacles that range from slower paced jogging areas to fast-action areas filled with dashes and jumps.

Aerobic Exercises: Dancing in tune with these exercises will help you burn calories. Dash and Reflex: Reflex Jump measures your reflexes. 10 Sec Dash measures your burst and leg strength. And, the Physical Age Test judges your physical age. You can use the results of these tests as indicators for checking the progress of your daily exercises. Charts: Track your overall performance, calories burned, total number of steps, and time exercising with easy to use charts.

Includes XaviX System Cartridge and Music Import Cable. Xavix Port is required, but not included; see Item W12927. Xavix Step Sensor is required, but not included; see Item W15119.


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