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SNOEZELEN Hospital Relaxation Module
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SNOEZELEN has been found to be effective for a variety of clients in a variety of situations. Currently, researchers are studying the efficacy of SNOEZELEN multisensory environments in relieving stress and anxiety for patients under-going treatments for cancer, as well as children receiving testing and treatment in imaging centers and burn units. With just the addition of a Solar Projector and Effect Wheels and Cassettes, there has been demonstrated decrease in patient anxiety and sedative dependence! Now, you can achieve similar results. The Relaxation Module includes 1 each: Solar 250 Projector (W8570), Solar Wheel Rotator (W8331), Soft Colors Effect Wheel (W34242), Tropical Fish Effect Wheel W7657), Solar Cassette Rotator (W8548), Kaleidoscope Effect Cassette (W8381), Flowing Liquid Effect Cassette (W8453). Whether used alone, or with the other valuable equipment in our SNOEZELEN Sensory Satchel, this module delivers a highly effective sensory solution!

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