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Wheelchair Swing Platform & Frame - Large
Price: $1,995.00
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Value package includes the swing platform, frame and pull chain! Use Indoors or Out. Non-skid aluminum platform enables person in large wheelchair to swing. User can lower ramp to enter, and lock in place by pulling up chain. Then, user can swing unassisted with optional Swing Pull-Chain. Features plastic-covered chains; aluminum hinges. Platform is powder coated to eliminate sharp edges. SIZE: 34''W x 38''L. Wt. 77 Lbs. (35 Kg). Swing frame includes 360 degree swivel hanger. Wheelchair occupants can swing themselves on the Platform by pulling the 8' (2.4m) chain. Not recommended for use with motorized wheelchairs. Fits 2 3/4''-O.D. (7cm) rail. TRUCK.

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