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Scented Die Scented Die

This fun multi-sensory die not only offers tactile, visual and aromatic sensory stimulation, but also has a bell ...View Complete Description

Ultraviolet Black Light - 18"L Ultraviolet Black Light - 18"L

Magically turn hand-held fluorescent linelight into a center of fascination and wonder. Wall-mount units include ...View Complete Description
Was: $39.00
Now: $29.95
Save 23%

String Thing with Built - In Black Light™ String Thing with Built - In Black Lightâ„¢

Portable UV/LED-lighted toy spins colorful string into a magical, moving rainbow nearly 3' in the air. Gently touch ...View Complete Description

Mirror Ball - Rotator Motor Only Mirror Ball - Rotator Motor Only

Rotator motor only for Mirror Ball W8405E.
Was: $45.00
Now: $33.95
Save 25%



Distortion Wheel Distortion Wheel
#W34243 BOS

Add a fascinating new dimension to any Effect Wheel. Creates a wavy motion that is especially effective with W8315 ...View Complete Description

Aroma Dough Aroma Dough

Awaken the senses with colorful and fragrant aroma dough! Use to soothe and help release stress, ease muscle pain ...View Complete Description

Create A Wheel Create A Wheel

Add your own slide transparencies to this blank wheel to project a moving display of images with special meaning. ...View Complete Description

SNOEZELEN 100C Solar Projector - Replacement Bulb - Set of 2 SNOEZELEN 100C Solar Projector - Replacement Bulb - Set of 2

Create a breathtaking world of light and moving images. This uncomplicated, easy-to-use projector, while compact, ...View Complete Description

Linelite Wand Linelite Wand

Users create changing light patterns as they wave this flexible, easy-to-handle wand under UV lighting. Includes ...View Complete Description

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