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SoftGrip™ Hand Weights - 3 lbs Black
Price: $11.95
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Make working with weights less intimidating for your client with these soft, easy-to-grip patient-developed hand weights. Vinyl-covered so they’re comfortable to the touch. Ideal for those with arthritis. Makes a perfect substitute for dumbbells! Color-coded to indicate weight. Additional weights sold separately. Available in 1/2 lb. (tan; #W39684), 1 lb. (green; #W39686), 2 lbs. (green; #W39686), 4 lbs. (silver, #W39688), 5 lbs. (gold; #W39689), 6 lbs. (tan; #W39690), 7 lbs. (yellow; #W39691), 8 lbs. (green; #W39692), 9 lbs. (blue; #W39693), and 10 lbs. (black; #W39694).

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