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Play Well Against Others...Be Active Against Bullying - Activity Based Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program
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We're proud to supply equipment for Anti Bully SquadFlagHouse and CATCH are the official equipment supplier for the
Anti Bully Squad (ABS) program.

FlagHouse joins forces with ABS to create bullying awareness through education and understanding. ABS provides students with the tools to identify bullying situations and the skills to mediate conflict while building stronger, positive relationships. Working hand in hand with the dedicated support of notable TV, Music and Sports professionals, ABS strives to create safe environments which will not tolerate bullying and its adverse affects on any individual .

Bullying Awareness Frisbee

Featured Activity

Flying Disc Team Tennis

Students work together to achieve team success by participating in different roles while using their skills to help their team. Teams will toss the flying disc across the “net” to the opposing team. Points are scored every time a flying disc is caught successfully.

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Character is Cool Skillastics

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Children get moving with exciting cooperative fitness activities that place an emphasis on building strong character and team work.

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"The FlagHouse Play Well With Others... Be Active Against Bullying program is a resource involving cooperative activities that engage and educate our students. The program allows children of all abilities to actively play together while promoting teamwork. I recognize the benefits that the FlagHouse program provides in reinforcing positive messaging that support bullying prevention and as a resource to support National Bullying Prevention Month."

Hiroyuki (Yuki) Yamada,
NYC Department of Education
District 75, Office of School Wellness Programs

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