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Acrobat Swing- Rainbow
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An engaging way to work on motor planning, muscle strengthening & sensory integration! A good choice for clients with gravitational insecurities. An alternative modality for children who are sensory defensive. Hang it hammock-style from 2 points to provide deep, calming proprioceptive input and soothing vestibular stimulation. Hang it from 3 or 4 points—and its ready for even more therapeutic uses! Heavy-duty, 4-way nylon/spandex stretch swing lets you position a single client anywhere among the 4 layers to provide a calming tent-like space suitable for working or relaxing. Work on motor planning, spatial awareness, body awareness, praxis, and more by having the user climb each layer and experience the varying levels of resistance. Working load: 300 lbs. SIZE: 48" x 96". Do not use with multiple clients simultaneously. Suspension frame sold separately. Rainbow.

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